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Disco Elysium by ZA/UM: unambiguously adore it

Disco Elysium is one of the strangest, but best games I have ever played. It’s incredibly politically intelligent; discussing various issues and ideologies in a way that is fair and does not strawman or demonise. It portrays various strands of left, right and centre in their best, worst and most common incarnations and leaves it up to you whether to decide what is better or worse. The issues it touches on are incredibly various and never feel forced into the narrative. On top of that, the story is fascinating and mesmerising, the characters are bursting with vitality, the world building and the game mechanics are inspired and the art is some of the best I have ever seen for a game.


Lastly, it manages to include some great ventures into comedy, mystery and absurdity.  Ultimately, it’s an incredibly human game. One that manages to include the creative, the political, the personal, the spiritual and so many more aspects and still feel coherent and compact. It is a game that is moving, funny, tragic and uplifting. It’s one for the ages. 


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