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Reviews & Recommendations

On this page you can find a list of personal reviews and recommendations. This is just a place for me to wax lyrically about literature, art, entertainment etc. that I enjoy and recommend it to people who might be look for new interesting things to experience. You will not find many negative reviews on here. I am not a professional reviewer or critic and these are just my personal opinions. Keep that in mind. Furthermore, also keep in mind that an appearance of a creator's work on any of these recommendation pages is not a endorsement of everything said creator has said or done. While I will do by best not to platform bigots, reactionaries, abusers etc. I cannot guarantee that every creator on here is without sin or problematic aspect. Please keep that in mind. 

My reviews and recommendations are ordered from new to old. There are various sub-pages for different media. These pages are: 

  • Book recommendations 

  • Film & television Recommendations 

  • Video game Recommendations 

  • Audio recommendations 


Hover over the recommendations menu to make them appear. 

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