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Ponderous Poems

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

The Gnome

Crouched down between flowerpots

Surveying his strip of pond-border;

Three pigs frozen in frivolity,

A cat and a cherub, their eyes

Wide and lifeless, his gaze and smile

Serenely aware of the world washing

Its chaos from his lips, his skin

Covered in green conquering

His blushing grey, watchman of a pond

World whirling merrily

Towards spring.

Sudden Superstition

When the last pebble

Still suspended on the surface

Of the pond

Sinks to restfully recline on

Its slumbering floor

Lost love still painfully present

Will be drawn into remote reminiscence

And there be laid

To Rest.

As Above

From behind the surface

Ceiling a face peers down

Into the bottom realm.

Most fish retreat into their

Dens of stone, but one

Rises to meet this quaint

Intrusive blur to find itself

Barked at by a pup.

Pond Life

Beneath the green swirl

A few finned flakes

Of orange and red make

Their way across the bottom

Maze to meet near the chasm’s edge.

One black blotch leaves

Alone to scout the border


The surface shields

Their secrets with its verdant pall.

When spring comes

Rays will breach the sludge

And unfold the bottom

World with bloom.

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