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Goddess Prayer

Hearken, Great Goddess,

Maelstrom Mistress, Mother, Maiden,

Crone, many-named and manifold,

Shiver-seamstress and weaver of

Dreams, bringer of magick, planter

Of seeds, Unveil thy grace

Through what is

And what seems.

Hear us,

In our moment of need,

Be the wind that guides us towards more

Tranquil shores. Be the spring or the door

That draws forth our blossomed being,

Be the hand to shield us from the world-

Wind’s waylaying; tame our Midnight Host,

Its vanguard quick-slaying. Be the healing flame

That sets our minds ablaze and raise us

To greater ends. Be the thread to lead us from

Our darkest days towards dawn,


Wherever your footfall of wisdom is heard,

May many souls follow and minds be set free,

Bring blessings to all, and to thee,

Blessed be.

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