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Four Poems for Midwinter

These are my four poems for midwinter:

One about the Solstice and the light returning,

One about the darkness and its whispers,

One about the cold and its subtle strains,

One about the new year and its mired hope.

I hope you find pleasure in these poems

and wish you all the strength, health and

good fortune you need to transcend

these tumultuous times.

Solstice in Winter

The midwinter pale advances

From above, its tides

Breaking on your sullen brow,

And with each billowing crest

A greater dark pushes on

To find a beachhead

In your trembling


But today, Solstice dawns,

And the sun-tide pushes back

Towards the breach

Of light.

Darkling Note

Darkling note,

Birthed by the midnight cold,

A sound, belted by the empty

Black, scribbled on a scrap,

A word, orphaned at dawn,

When I find its contours

Mewling illegibly,

A meaning lost, smouldering

In the morning


Find Another

One steps into

The rapturous cold,

Numb to all

But the boiling

Of their breath,

Blind to all

But the streetlight

Scolding drizzle dead,

Deaf to all

But the weary

Sigh of sleepless

Sight, through mist


New Year’s Chance

Newness beckons us with glee

So much promise in a one

Turning into two and yet

Askance we see the blight

Already following us across,

Into our new year dreams.

Sadly, dates do little on their own,

Whatever is not fleeting

Will remain. And yet, perhaps,

We have some choice

Of blessings to bring and

Burdens to bury behind

The sheen of yesteryear.

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