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Avalon Ripples

Updated: Jun 19, 2022


In the windswept winter-land

We maunder feeling

The still dread ferment;

What if a self, long since

Outgrown, still binds us

Like a deathly laggard,

Caught in gaze that

Once held us

In contempt and now

Will not let us


Avalon Ripples

Walking into sleep,

Through the tall dune grass,

The breakers bellowing

Like brass, whistling of longing,

Woe and sea;

I miss what we never were.

I miss the shores that left me

Trembling there. I miss the tears

Like armour worn, I miss the love left

Drowned, stillborn.

The Inscription

The inscription on the stone

Pedestal of a yet to be

Sculpted forest

Effigy reads:

Woe betide

Any who, unmoved

By my presence,

Assays to move



Online only

Appearance is allowed to

Speak and mine mumbles

Unappealingly even when

My soul ferries song.

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