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America 2020

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

After Ginsberg (who despite being a fucking creep

wrote some good poetry)

America why do you keep doing this to yourself?

America can you not?

America why doesn’t Flint have clean water?

America why did you fuck over the Kurds?

America why do treat Puerto Rico and your other ‘territories’ like shit?

America why do you keep idolising psychopaths?

America you’re not the good guy, never was, never will be

As long as you don’t drop the macho military madness.

America stop treating allies like vassals.

America get your troops out of other peoples’ countries

And bring some democracy to yourself.

America dafuck is gerrymandering and why do you have it?

America listen to First Nations people

And give them their land back

Tell Canada and the others how you did it.

America leave South America alone.

America abolish ICE

America why is protecting private profits more important than protecting lives?

America you don’t need to go on like this.

America why did you buy up the world stock of a Covid drug

And try to get a vaccine exclusively for you?

Even when you’re trying to help your people

You can’t do it without fucking over someone or everyone else.

America you didn’t end the world wars on your own.

America we do admire you on some levels, but you keep making it harder.

America we’re not perfect either, but we never said we were.

America some ‘shitholes’ have better healthcare than you. Stop playing.

America I love a lot of your art, music, media and stuff

If only you didn’t commodify & commercialise it to death.

America treat your artists like artists, your poets like poets

Instead of teats to be squeezed till they bleed.

America your soft power can’t make up for you hard power.

Regardless of your contributions to art and culture

People will keep hating you as long as you keep murdering their families and cultures

For minerals and oil. You can’t bully or buy people into becoming loyal.

America you are the gimp of capital.

America pay your workers a living wage.

America non-millionaires and non-billionaires are citizens too.

America where is your left wing party?

America your conquest is but commerce and colonialism bound up

Together like the Horsemen and their steeds.

America not everything is your fault, not everything is your job.

Not everything is your fucking business.

America how is Mammon’s milk?

America even when you’re anti-imperialist you’re still trying to play boss

In the revolution, stop trying so hard.

America stop glorifying your past

We tried it and it just looks farcical.

America we are grateful for some things,

But we just don’t see why that should make us sycophants or serfs.

America the rest of us need you to transition

To green energy.


The Cold War is done. You won. Now quit the red scare

And get your shit together.

If you don’t do it, neither will they.

America no continent, nor culture, nor country is your lesser,

First tell Europe and the other big bros.

Then tell your president and while you’re at it, tell him to shut the fuck up

And fuck the fuck off. Btw whatever happened to ‘checks and balances’?

America listen to your Black radicals and stop killing them.

America Black Lives Matter.

America stop being the world’s cop.

America stop arming your cops to the fucking teeth.

Btw why are they acting like a fascist militia again?

What’s ‘protect and serve’ about murdering unarmed Black people?

America say fuck the police.

America the 13th amendment needs an edit, you left some slavery under the rug.

Quite a lot actually.

America your prisons are obscene. Your justice system is fucked.

America you’ve made yourself cannon fodder for the fantasies

Of feudalists and fascists.

America we’re all horrified.

America everybody’s got problems, but you keep exporting yours.

America the world is watching.

America you’re the boot with which

The world is kicked deeper into death cult capitalism.

America there’s still droplets of promise

Beneath the horror and the endless ads

And the exponential absurdity.

America face up to it

You could do better if you tried.

America, if you did the world

Would follow

Voluntarily for once.

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