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Bo Burnham: Inside (2021):  really liked it

This is a truly transcendental comedy special. It's funny, moving, insightful and technically astounding. Besides its merits as a piece of comedy, it also works exceptionally well as a work of expressive art, musical performance, political commentary, narrative performance art etc. It's one of those pieces of comedy that you know will be talked about for many years to come. 


If I were to level one criticism at it, it would be that it does engage somewhat climate nihilism and doomerism. Artistically, this does fit the rest of the special, and does not invalidate the work as an artistic expression. However, I do feel that it does make the special's dark themes feel occasionally self-indulgent and somewhat emotionally dishonest. However, regardless of this nitpick. Bo Burnham's special still remains a remarkable and seminal piece of comedy.

Alexei Sayle's Imaginary Sandwich Bar (2017-present): unambiguously adore it

This is a comedy radio show that is a mixture of memoir, political satire, absurdist comedy and philosophical monologue. It's incredibly funny, insightful, imaginative and entertaining. The original series was aired by Radio 4. If you're outside of the UK, episodes are currently up on YouTube on a variety of channels.

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