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Brought to Light by Alan Moore: liked it well enough

This is a lot less flowery, referential and thematically out there than most of Alan Moore's work. And while an excursion into simpler language and more straightforward storytelling might be welcomed by those who are repelled by Moore's affinity for complex themes and bombastic writing, in my opinion it lacks a bit of heart.

Basically, It's a brief history of the CIA and its many horrific acts in the name of anti-communism. It is told compellingly, though because of the deliberately cynical and callous narrator a lot of the human cost gets lost in enumeration of foul acts and shady deals. It is an interesting listen, but also an infuriating and depressing one

Snakes & Ladders by Alan Moore: mostly loved it

Unearthing without the personal biographical focus, though there is some Machen, Cromwell and Rossetti biography interwoven with the wider metaphysical/spiritual narrative. A performance piece, thick with historic and literary reference, psycho-geography, overwhelming and sometimes exhausting (but consistently lyrical) language. The themes of occultism, eternalism, art as magick, magick as spiritual awareness etc. All are present and explored in typical Moore fashion. As with some of Moore's other pieces the language and opaque themes will scare a lot of people off. 


The Birth Caul by Alan Moore: mostly loved it

Fascinating piece of performance poetry. Moore's bombastic style is a lyrical oddity, enjoyable to listen to less fun to read as it is often puzzling and overwhelming. The thematic/narrative through-line is both palpable, alienating and universal. This is not going to be for everyone. Similar to Unearthing but more abstract & alienating in its weirdness. 


Unearthing by Alan Moore: mostly loved it

Highly unique piece of performance poetry. Moore's bombastic eccentric writing style is a lyrical wonder though it is often overbearing. The thematic/narrative through-line is a marvel of strangeness. A humorous, mesmerising and odd recounting of the life of an unusual man. There's some psycho-geography in there as well, if you're up for it. This is not going to be for everyone. If you're a fan of poetry, and you don't mind really bombastic verbosity, thematic pretentiousness and general weirdness, this is for you. 


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